About J.Patrick Stublen

Patrick is an LA based film editor. Growing up on the East Coast, Patrick developed a love for Surfing and began to travel and shoot indie surf films early on. These days he works with much bigger clients, but his core passion has remained a constant in his work - the ocean.

The Challenge

To create a sleek, professional website to highlight his eclectic body of work.

The Perfect Solution

As a film editor, the main purpose of this website is to showcase previous projects and to serve as a digital portfolio. With that in mind, we decided to push Patrick's reel to the forefront and utilize it as the landing page.

With a beautiful 20 second drone shot we were able to create a rich homepage that incorporated the motion and energy of the ocean. The work page is laid out in a clean full-bleed grid to take advantage of the beautiful images we could pull from each video. The hover over animations create a tactile incentive for the user to click on each project and stay engaged on the site.

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