About Ronamink

Ronamink is the brainchild of Jessica Dana Smith. Inspired by the style and eclectic jewelry collections of her late mother, the eponymous Rona Mink, Jessica has created a line of handsculpted pieces of jewelry from her LA studio that very much have a life of their own.

The Challenge

As part of an overall branding development, Ronamink needed a fully integrated commerce website to showcase their evolving line of products.

The Perfect Solution

Sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel, but instead redesign the carriage. That is exactly what we have done with Ronamink. Together with the client, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful '80s bohemian images of Jessica's mother, and original vintage art elements designed by her father and use these as our foundation elements.

Around these elements we built a fully responsive, modern website that perfectly meshes the old with the new and nostalgia with aspiration.

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